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Play Schools in Vaishali

Play School works as the building block for one’s life.  Considering childhood as the most crucial and sensitive age of a kid, going through and understanding the complete psyche of a kid is utmost important. Attaining a kid’s confidence is the most difficult phase for a parent. This can’t be done with good education. As a matter of facts education is a priority, but it is also important to make a children comfortable and feel at ease while learning.
Every kid has a right to emote what he feels and parents & teachers need to understand and respect the same. Not all the kids of same age are devoted to studies. Each and every kid has his own aspirations and dreams. There can be times when 3 out of 4 kids belonging to the same group share common interest in respect to studies, but one of them is equally interested in swimming. At that point of time a parent needs to step out of their stereotypical customs and look for the best play school, that not only considers academics but extracurricular and sports equally important .Finding best school is difficult but finding the best school in Vaishali is an achievable task. As every parent wants their kid to be ahead of all in every phase of life, beginning of this takes place from putting them into the best play school. As Vaishali is a wide spread area with lot of play schools, taking out the best play school can be a bit annoying for parents. Putting a kid in school without going through the deep insights of a school’s facilities and teaching culture can be a problem in future aspects.

One of the easy methods of finding the best play school can be searching through One can search for the best play school in vaishali and can have an in length thought over the school’s teaching pedagogy. As 60% of parents are working nowadays, Day boarding school in Vaishali  can be a helping hand for them. Day care school enables a parent to sit back and feel less concerned about the take-care of their kids. As day care school in Vaishali are full of facilities and very well trained attendants, parents can feel more relaxed in terms of their kids. Making a kid feel comfortable and adaptable to his surroundings comes at the top of a school’s checklist .A good teacher respects their need for space and time. Gradually they would settle into the folds of the school, and after some time would develop connections with the staff and the peer.

As per parent’s search the best play school in Vaishali are:

·         Mother’s Pride

           Address:- 208, Vaishali Sector-6, Vaishali Extension, Sector-9, Vaishali, Ghaziabad


          As the school being a reputed entity caters in various prior areas of Vaishali , Ghaziabad and turns out to be the best play school in vaishali.

Kidzee Preschool

   Address:- Shop No. A/301, Opposite Punjab National Bank, PNB Road, Block-B, Sector-3, Vaishali, Ghaziabad

With the vision of preparing the leaders of tomorrow, this school has it’s own unique pedagogy of teaching.

These schools are following the child centric learning procedures, and are setting up a benchmark for other schools to follow.  

Top 5 Play Schools in Dilshad Garden

Looking for schools is one of the most difficult tasks for parents. When a child grows, it becomes important for parents to find a play school for their little angel. Play schools are the best place for a child to learn, develop and have a great time. Not only learning and having fun, play schools and day schools also teach a child life lessons, they learn to behave, talk and also grasp some of the most essential learning of life. Finding out the most appropriate play and day school for your child can be a cumbersome task, parents should know all about schools in their locality, and should be able to choose the right one.
For choosing a school, many parents still follow traditional methods of going to school, buying brochures or discussing with friends. With the changing time, every parent should also learn to evolve with technology. A parent can easily visit, sitting at home, and find the best play schools in Dilshad Garden. With just a few clicks, a parent can browse through play schools in Dilshad Garden, find out features of each school and even contact a school. While focusing on play schools in dilshad Garden, parents should look for a few things first- distance between residence and school, transport facility, academic achievements of school etc.

In today’s time parents are also looking for different type of schools other than play schools, day boarding schools is one of them. As parents are very busy in their work, they do not find quality time to spend with their children and take care of them, so according to their time requirements, concept of day boarding schools is booming. A parent would like to know about day boarding schools in Dilshad Garden, as working population resides there in a large number. Play schools in Dilshad Garden have always been a good choice for parents, as from a long time parents rely on these schools for their child’s growth of early years. Choice of a play school for kids depends on the needs and wishes of a child, if a child is interested in sports or extra-curricular activities, schools should have these kinds of facilities. A parent should also learn about teaching strategy of a school, what methodology they use, are they following traditional methods of teaching or innovating as per child’s requirements. For parents looking for play schools in Dilshad Garden, we bring you a list of schools amongst which they can choose from.

Shemrock play school

Shemrock chain of schools is one of the most popular play school chains; the school chain is established since 1989. In Dilshad Garden the school is located at R- Block Opp. Canara Bank, Nearest Metro Station of Dilshad Garden. The school provides all the required amenities for a child; splash pool, jungle gym and mini train is available for kids to have fun. The school has outdoor play area for kids to play and it also provides crèche facility for kids.

Jingle bells play school

Jingle bells play school is located at 194-A, L-Pocket, Dilshad Garden, Delhi-110095. It is one of the most popular play schools in Dilshad Garden; the school is holding people’s interest since a very long time. It is known for its academic curriculum, where they teach every child with great precision, books and classroom teaching is focused with precision. The school has a distinct feature of Mother’s training program in which they are teaching mothers the best behavior with their children, and also techniques to understand their child’s behavior.
Greenway modern play school

Greenway modern play-school is the play-school wing of Green Way Modern School, located at Dilshad Garden, between pockets. A & D, Delhi –110095. The school has an attractive infrastructure, all required facilities for children and qualified teachers. In pre-school, kids are introduced to formal curriculum and are taught speaking, reading and basics of writing. The school focuses on academic development of each child; teachers provide special attention to children individually. A child develops personality, confidence and intelligence in pre-school classes.

Bachpan play school

Bachpan play school is one of the most reputed play school chains; Bachpan play school in Dilshad Garden is located at D-246, Near St. Lawrence School, Dilshad Garden, Delhi - 110095. The school focuses on a child’s overall development; along with having great academic curriculum, the school also provides best of extra-curricular activities. The school is known for using the latest technological advancements like smart classes, for teaching children. The school also provides nursery teacher training to enhance other’s capability of understanding kid’s behavior.

First step pre-school

First step pre-school is a pre- school located at 62-A, J & K Pocket, Dilshad garden, Near Mother Dairy – 110095. The school is one of the most popular schools in Dilshad Garden; it is one stop for all the needs of a child, the school focuses on kid’s learning skills as well as enjoyment. The school teaches art, dance and other sports activities to children. It provides a great environment for children to learn as well as enjoy. The school also provides crèche facility for convenience of children.

We hope this list can help you find the best play school in Dilshad Garden for your child. Gaining information has always been considered great, we hope you could find about schools through this!

Top 5 Play Schools in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is one of the prominent places in NCR region and holds great reputation in education and learning. Most important and crucial phase of anyone’s life is his childhood and the learning and values received in his early days. Thus, keeping in mind all this, we would like to list top 10 play schools in Ghaziabad region.

Play schools in Ghaziabad are unique in Teaching pedagogy and learning, let us see the list:-

      Little Leaders Play School

Address:- House No. 1515, Sector 5, Vasudhara, Ghaziabad

A great school with many facilities such as Toy Room, CCTV facility, Picnic provision and Cab facility for kids. Surely, it is the best school in Vasudhara region to bet upon.

Rising Kids

Address:- 112, Sector-2C, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad 

Another great play school in Vasudhara region, Rising Kids conducts Baby Show Program and Parenting workshops to help parents learn about their children more. The school provides toy room facility but lacks Cab facility.

Rainbow The Play Group

Address:- 186, Gyan Khand 1, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

This play school is present in Indirapuram making it available for masses as huge number of people live there. Besides that, cab facility and good number of Care takers makes this school a great choice.


Junior Champs Play School and Daycare

Address:- Plot No. A-59, Om Vihar Colony, Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad

Another School catering to masses is Junior Champs Play School located in Crossing Republik. The school conducts Mother Toddlers Program, Parenting Workshop and Baby Shower Program making it active in child's overall development and growth.

Shemrock Cradle

Address:- KL-10, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad

A chain school located in Kavi Nagar with awesome facilities such as Toy Room, Rest Room, Ramp and Wheel Chair Facility. Besides that, the school also has both Cab and Bus facilities.